Reclaim Your Life!

The Secret to Prosperity




Whatever your goals are; the Reclaim Your Life! seminar will help you:

  • Focus your energy

  • Achieve what you are reaching for

  • Help you align your thoughts with your actions



You have the potential and all the resources you need to create

the life of your dreams...  

All you need to do is learn how to ACCESS those resources!


Reclaim Your Life guides you to access those resources so you can take IMMEDIATE action on creating the conditions you actually want to live in.


Let yourself imagine… What are your dreams? The ones you really care about, not the ones you think you SHOULD want.

You know, like the inspirations and aspirations that lead you into a state of EXCITEMENT and joy when you think about them coming true!


Maybe the seeds for these were planted when you were a child, or maybe you recently discovered something that FASCINATES you, but you’re just not quite sure how to take ACTION now.  

  • Maybe you would rather RAISE a garden instead of buying all of your food.

  • Or maybe...your inner artist is DREAMING to come out again.

  • And maybe your dream never INCLUDED a dojo, yet you have always KNOWN you want to be a black belt.


The possibilities and opportunities are endless!


  • That business idea you’ve been mulling over for years but haven’t put into action.

  • That book just waiting to be written out on paper.

  • That plan for personal health and well-being that you haven’t quite committed to yet.

  • Or maybe you don’t know what your dream is in life, but you desperately want to find out.

  • And maybe, you just want to improve your relationship with yourself, because that is the most important relationship you will ever have in your life.


Imagine learning now what you should have been taught as a child; that you are a powerful individual capable of being, doing, and having what you desire when you know the secret.


Over the course of the weekend, you will set a goal that can’t HELP but be achieved, and be given the FORMULA FOR SUCCESS so that upon leaving the seminar, you will have the skills necessary to follow it through to its manifestation. (Yes, success is a skill ANYONE can learn!)


Now, you may be asking, how is it possible to completely let go and release a lifetime of limiting beliefs, habits, and self-imposed blocks in a two day workshop?


It is possible because of the power and creativity of your unconscious mind to manifest your thoughts into reality.


You will be guided through a process to clear anger, fear, sadness, hurt, and guilt. By clearing these emotions, you will create a future that is worthy of you and free yourself to take action on your goals with PURPOSE.


The process involves techniques from the fields of NLP and Hypnosis, which means that the changes you choose to create for yourself happen instantaneously and at the neurological level.


You will create new neurological pathways in your body that will transform the way you relate to your emotions. You will learn how to easily and naturally engage in life from a place of empowerment and joy.


Reclaim Your Life isn’t any ordinary self-help seminar. It is an interactive journey where you will experience real transformation in obvious and powerful ways. Moreover, the skills you learn you get to take with you for life.




"I learned that a key to lasting change & transformation is becoming clear on what you want and focusing in a direction that moves you toward the wanted vs. moving away from the unwanted."

Speech Pathologist

"Reclaim Your Life teaches you a great technique to resolve past negative emotions and allow you to move forward toward your desired outcome fast, fun and easy."

Organic Farmer

"Reclaim Your Life was great! I took away a much deeper understanding of myself and gained skills and techniques that continue to empower me. I highly recommend this seminar."

Author, Speaker, Yoga Teacher





Disclaimer: Our focus is to totally empower you to achieve what you desire. To accomplish this, we use techniques that help you create rapid and lasting changes in the way you think. Some of the techniques include hypnotic language patterns and guided imagery. This seminar is not counseling or therapy. This seminar is for personal growth. If you are in need of counseling, we will be happy to refer you to a licensed practitioner of counseling who may be able to assist you.



Early Registration: $245 (ends Oct. 19th)

*must be paid in full to qualify


Regular Registration: $295 (Oct. 20th - Nov. 3rd)

*this includes day of event registration


RYL & NLP Grad Discount: $195


Cancellation Policy

You must notify us 7 days before the event. There is a $150 fee for admin expenses.



Nov. 3rd & 4th, 2018


9am to 6pm


Denton, Texas



Aaron Bowley is an accredited Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming and advancing

these skills into the field of human dynamics. He coaches students and adults in gaining

understanding about their personal learning styles, and how each individual naturally

learns and processes information uniquely with their mind. Aaron's mission is to bring

the foundational knowledge from his training in NLP, communication, and change work,

into teaching our youth and adults to have a better understanding of how they learn and

operate. His results are focused on empowering people so they may move through their

world with greater confidence and live the life they choose.


Tara Arrington is a Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and is in an Accredited Trainer

of NLP. She is a college professor of Chemistry having received her M.S. in Chemistry from Texas Woman’s University in 2013. Tara began her career in education in 2007, mentoring students and tutoring them in

various science subjects, moving into a formal teacher role in 2011. She is passionate about making sure

that everyone who is willing to take action for what they want has the skills and assistance to reach their

highest potential.


Please contact Tara at with any inquiries.