The Academy of Integrative Research

The Academy is a unit of The Foundation that carries the mission of making information about human empowerment available to the world. The Academy is responsible for creating training programs and making those programs available to trainers for low or no cost. The Academy also trains instructors to teach classes in empowerment. Some of the classes The Academy currently offers are certified trainings in Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). The Academy also provides seminars in how to release negative emotions, limited thinking, and blocks to success so you can create the life you want. 

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About Your Trainers...

S. Lane Pierce
Master Trainer

Aaron Bowley

Acccredited Trainer

Lane is a Master Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and other Technologies of the Mind. Lane is a practicing Consulting Hypnotist, Certified Master Practitioner of NLP and is certified in several systems of energy work and the releasing of emotional baggage. He is a Charter Member of the Advisory Board for the International Positive Psychological Association and is the founder of The Foundation for Integrative Research, Inc.


Having been involved in the IT field since 1985, Lane is the primary architect behind the technology of The Foundation.


Lane has an extensive background in business and the service industry. He has successfully led many negotiations and post-sale projects to completion with high client satisfaction. He is an accomplished presenter and specializes in training personnel in human factors and communication skills. He has helped businesses see growth, community organizations build strength, and his work in teaching how to control one’s own mind has proven to change the lives of his clients in private practice as well.


He is devoted to his work of helping people to improve their lives. Lane shows the same deep compassion and commitment to his work, his community, and his family.

Aaron Bowley is an Accredited Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Aaron has  a passion for creatively simplifying the knowledge he's gained to help other live the life they desire. He continue to refine his studies and application in cutting edge Technologies of the Mind, including Personal Change and Transformational Work, Shamanic and Spiritual Psychology, and Communications Training. 

He teaches a monthly NLP Pracitioner course in Denton, TX, leads personal goal seminars, and facilitates several Academy Meetups in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. He also sees clients for one-on-one sessions.

Aaron's vision is to create a working structure for young adults to help them live their lives with more ease, efficiency, clarity and purpose. By educating people on how their minds can work best for them, Aaron provides tools and resources designed to enhance life experience in simple and practical ways.